Selecting your cut of diamond

Written on the 26 May 2017 by Unique Diamonds

Cutting a diamond takes precision and skilled craftsmanship to ensure the stone can reflect the optimal amount of light. Therefore, the cut of a diamond is the most important characteristic to consider when selecting any stone.

Did you know that if the diamond is poorly cut, the color and clarity can not make up for it? The cut of a diamond is what makes a rough diamond sparkle and shine. If a diamond is poorly cut, the light that enters the diamond from above will leak out of the sides and bottom of the stone, and the diamond will not have the optimum amount of sparkle or fire-regardless of its colour or clarity. Therefore a diamonds cut graded is determined by how well a diamond's facets interact with light. We recommend only purchasing diamond which are graded Excellent or Very Good. It is also important to see this grading on a certificate, as this will mean the grading has been determined by a gemologist. To ensure the most accurate grading, we recommend GIA certified diamonds. 

Author: Unique Diamonds

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