Selecting your colour of diamond

Written on the 26 May 2017 by Unique Diamonds

The ideal colour of a diamond is no colour at all. Understand how diamonds are rated in value and appearance by the amount of natural colour present.

The colour grading scale varies from totally colourless to light yellow. The differences between one grade and another are very subtle and difficult to distinguish.

Generally speaking, the naked eye can not tell the difference between three colour grades in a mounted diamond. This means you can buy an "F", "G", or "H" colour diamond and not really be able to see the difference. A colourless diamond is colourless due to its ability to absorb rays of light equally. These diamonds are rare and expensive.

Diamonds are evaluated according to a letter scale and graded. Diamonds that are in the "D-F" range are considered colourless and carry a slight premium. Diamonds in the "G-J" range will face-up completely white and are cheaper than colourless diamonds. Diamonds that are "K" colour or below will face-up with a slight tint. We recommend diamonds that are colour graded as "J" or better. However, please speak to your diamond dealer before purchasing any stone so they can determine the colour tones for you.

Author: Unique Diamonds

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