Selecting your carat of diamond

Written on the 26 May 2017 by Unique Diamonds

Carat is simply the unit of measurements used to describe the weight of a gemstone.  Learn how this weight scale is reflected in other measurements.

One carat is divided into 100 "points," so that a diamond of 75 points weighs 0.75 carats. Carat weight is the most obvious factor in determining the value of a diamond. But two diamonds of equal carat weights can have very different prices, depending on their quality. Diamonds of high quality can be found in all size ranges.

If carat is not king, than why do we all try to buy the largest diamond available within our budget? Larger diamonds are found in nature much less frequently which, in turn, makes them more vaulable. A three-carat diamond is always more expensive than several diamonds which add up to three carats.

Author: Unique Diamonds

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